The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential is a great start for the individuals who are new to Cloud services. This badge validates their general knowledge and skills in the Amazon AWS platform as well as covers the AWS concepts and major terms. It is also an excellent choice for the non-technical Author: BRAYDEN K professionals looking to develop their fundamental skills in Cloud. The candidates for this certification are required to have a minimum of six months of experience working in a range of roles that deal with the AWS Cloud concepts, including sales, financial, purchasing, technical, and others. The students should have knowledge of IT services and their implementation on the AWS platform.

Amazon CLF-C01 exam description

The Amazon CLF-C01 certification exam is 90 minutes long and the vendor offers you to clear 50 questions in two following formats: multiple response and multiple choice. The multiple-choice questions have four options with only one correct answer. The other three options are relevant to the question Author: BRUNO L but are not the best for it. These are referred to as the ‘distractors’. The multiple-response questions have more than one correct answer. There are often five options and you may be asked to select two or three out of them. You will not be penalized for incorrect answers, which means you can make guesses if you are not sure of your answers. It is better to guess than leave any question unanswered in this test.

Amazon CLF-C01 exam objectives

The exam is designed to measure the candidates’ skills on AWS Cloud, its fundamental infrastructure, account management, pricing, and billing. You should also understand the AWS Cloud value, the fundamental principles of Amazon Cloud Architecture, Author: HUSSAIN N the shared security model, compliance, and security complex. Other areas of focus include major attributes of deploying and operating on Amazon Cloud. Let’s look at these domains briefly so that you know what to expect.

  • Cloud Concepts: 26% of the exam content is from this topic. You should have the fundamental knowledge of the Cloud computing concepts and those areas that will be evaluated. It includes elasticity, high availability, fault-tolerance, and scalability.
  • Compliance and Security: This makes up 25% of the exam questions. It covers a variety of knowledge areas and Author: ISMAEEL P the learners will be evaluated based on their understanding of Cloud logs, shared security models, password policies & MFA, as well as DDoS protection.
  • Technology: The applicants will need to demonstrate their knowledge of how to work with the core Amazon AWS services. They need to develop their skills in EC2, Lambda, RDS, SNS, S3, ELB, and Route 53. The objective makes up 33% of the exam content.
  • Billing and Pricing: This section covers 16% of the whole content and is structured to evaluate one’s knowledge of general account information, Author: RIVER Q how specific AWS services are billed, tools for billing, and how to calculate service costs.


In conclusion, it is important to mention that you can find a variety of training resources to help you understand the exam topics in detail. The official website has loads of study materials you can explore. Author: WALTER R Additionally, you can find numerous platforms online that offer extensive tools for your prep process. Grab all the available resources, including practice tests and exam dumps, and choose the ones that fit your learning style to achieve success in your task. Good luck!

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